Lovestruck: The Musical
Movie Poster
Directed By Sanaa Hamri
Produced By Jaylynn Bailey
Terry Rossio
Written By Jaylynn Bailey
Terry Rossio
Starring Chelsea Kane
Sara Paxton
Drew Seeley
Adrienne Bailon
Alexander DiPersia
Jane Seymour (actress)
Tom Wopat
Sarab Kamoo
Distributed By ABC Family
Release Date April 21, 2013


Lovestruck: The Musical tells a story about a  Broadway star-turned-choreographer Harper, whose daughter and star of her next production Mirabella makes the decision to quit the show in order to get married to playboy Marco. When Harper catches wind of her daughter's new priorities, she is determined to show Mirabella that love does not always trump career. While on her way to stop her daughter's wedding in Italy, Harper unknowingly drinks an elixir, turning her thirty years younger. Harper's younger appearance (Chelsea Kane plays Young Harper) allows her to secretly infiltrate the wedding so Harper kisses Mirabella's boyfriend and Mirabella finds out that Marco kissed another girl. When Harper is confronted with a huge obstacle when Mirabella's father, Ryan (Tom Wopat), who can recognize his ex-wife in any form. Harper gives him the reverse-aging effects of the elixir (Drew Seeley plays Young Ryan), Ryan teams with Harper to resolve the damage she's done to Mirabella and Marco's relationship, hoping they're in time to save Mirabella and Marco’s wedding.


Chelsea Kane as young Harper/Debbie Hayworth

Drew Seeley as young Ryan,

Jane Seymour as Harper,

Tom Wopat as Ryan,

Sara Paxton as Mirabella,

Alexander Dipersia as Marco,

Adrienne Bailon as Noelle

Sarbo Kamoo as Amanda